Our Story

Dolce Vita Hotel


Located only 10 Minutes from the airport, Dolce Vita Hotel is within reach of all major attractions. The outstanding architecture and unique designed Villa Suites in octagon shape are enchanting to guests, who want to be “surrounded by beauty” and who are tired of staying in ordinary hotels.

Dolce Vita Hotel was originally designed as a private villa of the German owner, with a few Guest rooms to entertain friends from all over the world.

Soon, more and more visitors were excited about the cozy atmosphere that gives everybody the feeling of being at home. As a result, the Villa was opened for the public in 2006 as Hotel Dolce Vita.

Since then, many returning guests enjoy the “Sweet Life” in the Garden Restaurant, within their rooms laying in canopy beds, hanging around the pool, or just sweetly doing nothing or “dolce fa niente” but daydreaming in the tropical garden with numerous chirping birds.

We provide FREE 24 hours Wi-Fi connection within the hotel premises.

The staff, most of them belonging to the Dolce Vita Family from the beginning, is happy to offer outstanding service to all guests and treat them like royalty.

A stay at Dolce Vita Hotel will prove to be unforgettable for the rest of your life!


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